Bitstream TrueType Fontpack 1

For every Windows 3.1 user! Forty versatile text and decorative fonts in TrueType format that you can scale to any size for your screen and printer - true WYSIWYG

These fonts bring style to all you do in Windows 3.1 - from letters, memos, and reports to newsletters, brochures, and invitations.

Variety and value from the leader in digital type... Bitstream.

Release notes

Text Faces: Geometric 706 Medium, Geometric 706 Black, Geometric 706 Bold Condensed, Humanist 521 Condensed, Humanist 521 Bold Condensed, Humanist 777 Roman, Humanist 777 Italic, Humanist 777 Bold, Humanist 777 Bold Italic, Imperial Roman, Imperial Italic, Imperial Bold, Revival 565 Roman, Revival 565 Italic, Revival 565 Bold, Revival 656 Bold Italic, Square Slabserf 711 Light, Square Slabserf 711 Medium, Square Slabserf 711 Bold, Bitstream OZ Handcraft, Clarendon Bold Condensed, English 157, Frakture, Freehand 757, Freehand 591, Humanist 970, Humanist 970 Bold, Huxly Vertical, Impress, Incised 901 Nord, Incised 901 Nord Itialic, Informal 001 Roman, Informal 011 Black Nuptial, Poster Bodoni, Poster Bodoni Italic, Staccato 555, Umbra, Vineta

These Bitstream fonts support font embedding in Windows 3.1.

Installation instructions

System Requirements

Any DOS system microcomputer with a hard drive and 5.25" or 3.5" high-density disk drive. MS-DOS 3.1 or later. Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later 1.5 MB hard disk space for typefaces Supported Applications: All Microsoft Windows 3.1-supported applications.

Supported Devices

All Microsoft Windows 3.1-supported printers, including HP LaserJet printers and compatibles, PostScript printers, and dot matrix and inkjet printers and popular displays.

To install: Open the Windows 3.1 control panel, and open Fonts. Insert Disk 1, click "add", and choose drive A:. Select the desired fonts and click OK. Repeat for disk 2.

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