BeOS 5

BeOS was an OS developed to run on the BeBox hardware, a PowerPC based machine. The OS was first released in October 1995 for use on the AT&T Hobbit, and later moved over to the PowerPC platform the next year. A Intel x86 port of the OS began in March 1998 with version R3. The last version released was R5.1 in November 2001 for x86 only. This OS was meant to be used for multimedia applications. It is POSIX compatible but is not a UNIX derived operating system (Windows is actually POSIX complient also).

Be was purchased by Palm (later acquired by HP), and the OS was abandoned. Former Be developers took the source code for 5.1 and created Zeta, which ceased distribution due to legal concerns. A clean room reimplementation of this OS is Haiku, which is open source and currently under development.

Professional audio recorders still sold run modified versions of BeOS still, such as the iZ technology RADAR 24 and RADAR V.

Release notes

The final release of the BeOS.

Installation instructions

The Professional edition is installed from CD like other operating systems, and includes extras the Personal Edition does not include.

The Personal edition is installed into a 500 MB virtual hard drive on a Windows (provided it is FAT/FAT32, not NTFS) partition and can only dual boot.

Product type
Be Inc.
Release date
Minimum CPU
x86 or PPC
User interface
Download count
40 (34 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
BeOS 5.0 Personal 5.0 Personal English 201.35MB 8
BeOS 5.0 Professional 5.0 Professional English 315.62MB 26


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