12 Months Screen Calendar 1.0

12 Month Screen Calendar v1.00 displays the next 12 months on one screen. Distributed as freeware by Command Line Software.

Installation instructions

Unzip the distribution file 12mon10.ZIP or 12mon.ZIP (if obtained from CompuServe) into a temporary subdirectory. Then at the Windows Program Manager select (FILE | RUN) and browse for the file SETUP.EXE in the temporary subdirectory. Follow the instructions in the Setup program.

Note: The file VBRUN300.DLL is required but not supplied with the distribution file in order to minimize the size of the distribution file. Chances are you may already have this file on your system. If not, it is readily available on CompuServe, PRODIGY, America On Line and most BBS systems in your local area. VBRUN300.DLL should be loaded into your C:\Windows\System directory.

Product type
Application Utility
Command Line Software
Release date
Minimum CPU
Intel 80x86 (minimum 8086/8088)
User interface
Download count
2 (2 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
12 Months Screen Calendar 1.0 1.00 English 139.2KB 2


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