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The Mark Williams Let's C compiler was powerful C compiler for MS-DOS. Let's C was a subset of the Mark Williams C Programming System, and the first low cost entry-level professional C compiler for the IBM PC. It was also the first compiler to have a C source-level debugger. executables than any other compiler on the market at the time. It supports both large and small x86 models, and supports the 8087 math co-processor. It competed against compilers from Digital Research, Lattice, Computer Innovations, and Microsoft. language, plus extensions to C implemented under UNIX. Includes an assembler, loader, archiver, advanced symbolic debugger. C shell, utilities and Micro-EMACS, a full-screen editor. Unix and the Atari ST. Let's C is fully compatible, so C programs can easily be ported between the ST and IBM PC. Coherent, the first commercially viable Unix clone.