Help with Search

WinWorld's search engine allows you to find just the items you're looking for by combining multiple search fields. Website search features don't usually get in-depth documentation, but we figure you probably have a very specific idea in mind of what files you're looking for, and with these features you should be able to quickly locate them.

You can assemble a search like "apps made by Microsoft between 1993 and 1997 with Paint in the name", or "everything Adobe made in 1994" and the engine will produce those exact results.

All fields are optional as long as at least one is filled in.

Notice that each version is listed under every product in the results? Those are actually just the ones that match your search parameters - if you search for "Windows" and specify a starting date of "1992", you'll see Windows 3 releases starting with 3.1, but if you change it to 1993, they'll start at 3.11.

Title & Description

Anything you enter in "Title" will search the Product Title field, and if you check the "Search description" box it'll search that too.

This is fulltext search, meaning it works sort of like Google - just type in what you want to find and if the engine finds any part of it in either field, it'll rank that result appropriately. So, search for "Paint", and an app called "Microsoft Paint" will rank higher than "Visionsoft Ink and Paint," but both will come up.


Enter a vendor name here (e.g. "Microsoft") to limit to products from that vendor. This is an exact-text match. Some programs might not have a vendor value.

Remember that some software changes vendors over time, so if you look up "Novell", "SSI" and "Corel", all will find WordPerfect.


Enter a starting year and/or ending year to set a bracket on when software was released. To limit to just a single year, put the same number in both fields. To search for "1993 and afterwards" just put 1993 in the starting field.

Remember that each program can have multiple releases, so if you search for 1997-1997, an app that had a release in 1993, 1994, and 1997 will come up.

Platform / Tags

Both these fields are "OR"ed, meaning if you select any number of tags, items will be returned if they match any of the tags you selected.

If you click the tags or platforms listed after product titles in the results, those will be added to your search to filter it further.