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EZ-Draft provides features that are comparable to those available on expensive mainframe CAD systems, at a fraction of the price. Features like automatic dimensioning with or without tolerance data, multi-layering to provide simplified drawing organization, zooming back and forth between a full size drawing and the smallest detail, powerful geometric construction forms like lines, arcs, fillets, chamfers, ellipses, polygons, boxes, hexheads, slots, and splines, the ability to snap to existing reference positions like endpoints, counterpoints or intersections, the ability to use templates from a pre-defined symbol library, the ability to move, copy repeat, mirror or scale a drawn object, extensive annotation capability including notes, labels and balloons, and support for a variety of plotters. EZ-DRAFT also has features unavailable on other PC based drafting systems like dynamic dimensioning, orthogonal and isometric projections, full compliance to ANSI Standard Y14.5 including geometric tolerances and surface finish an extensive selection of trimming excess constructions off the drawing and a full IGES interface so that drawings created on a mainframe CAD system can be down-loaded into EZ-DRAFT. The user friendly Macintosh interface complete with pull-down menus, mouse and interactive graphics helps the drafter quickly become adept at making high quality drawings - even without prior computer experience.