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BlueBird SuperDOS is a proprietary multi-tasking multi-user system built to run business applications simultaneously over dumb terminals, replacing expensive mainframe/minicomputers with a single commodity PC. Business Computers systems, and then IBM PC systems. It grew to support protected mode on 386/486 systems. Although it uses MS/PC-DOS to install, "Protected Mode SuperDOS is a freestanding operating system that is not dependent on either DOS or the ROM BIOS.". Most applications for it are written in BlueBird SuperDOS Business Basic. and moving-and-storage companies that needed workstations at many points for data entry, but did not want to put a powerful and expensive computer on every desk. Office, Manufacturing, Auto Rental, Van and Storage, Wholesale Distribution, and Word Processing. Most of these were ported from Data General compatible Business Basic software. multi user basic-oriented product was Thoroughbred/OS, and much later Citrix Multiuser attempted to fill a similar role.