Windows ME Final

Windows Millennium Edition (internally Windows 4.90) was the last in the line of DOS-based Windows products. Like Windows 95 and Windows 98 it used the same hybrid 16/32 bit kernel that ran on top of a bundled version of DOS (MS-DOS 8.0).

Windows ME was often criticized for its poor stability. Microsoft had made numerous internal changes at the device driver level. However with the news that this architecture was at an end, vendors did not update their Windows 98 drivers for Windows ME. While existing 98 drivers usually "worked", they were often buggy and unstable under ME. Additionally, users were becoming used to the increased stability of Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) and the new MacOS X.

Although Windows ME still runs on top of DOS, just like Windows versions back to 1.01, it crippled the ability to start up to or exit to DOS. Many Windows 95 and 98 users had relied on that, as many popular games and utilities were still DOS based. If you wish to set up an older computer for use with DOS programs, we recommend you use nothing later than Windows 98 SE.

Feature-wise, Windows ME changes the desktop appearance to be on par with Windows 2000. It adds Windows Movie Maker, Internet Games, System Restore, Explorer Web View, Personalized Menus, and new common dialogs.

Windows ME targeted the home market, while the NT-based Windows 2000 targeted the business market. Initiated during the Windows 2.0 days, Microsoft finally realized its dream of merging these two markets under one single, more powerful OS, with the release of Windows XP.

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Product type
Release date
Minimum CPU
Pentium 150MHz
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
334 (271 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (MSDN) (4.90.3000) (MSDN) English 367.67MB 72
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (OEM Full) (4.90.3000) (OEM Full) English 426.04MB 55
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (Retail Full) (4.90.3000) (Retail Full) English 369.47MB 38
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (Retail Upgrade) (4.90.3000) (Retail Upgrade) English 369.25MB 7
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (Select) [Russian] (ISO) (4.90.3000) (Select) Russian 335.02MB 2
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) (WIN98 Upgrade) (4.90.3000) (WIN98 Upgrade) English 367.62MB 4
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Czech] (OEM) (ISO) (4.90.3000) Czech 336.27MB 1
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Dutch] (OEM) (4.90.3000) (OEM) Dutch 264.84MB 2
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Dutch] (Retail Upgrade) (4.90.3000) (Retail Upgrade) Dutch 332.99MB 0
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Finnish] (OEM) (4.90.3000) (OEM) Finnish 332.81MB 0
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [French] (OEM) (4.90.3000) (OEM) French 342.47MB 2
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [German] (OEM) (4.90.3000) (OEM) German 425.17MB 7
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [German] (Upgrade) (4.90.3000) (Upgrade) Upgrade German 355.44MB 2
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Greek] (OEM) (ISO) (4.90.3000) (OEM) Greek 334.66MB 0
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Hebrew] (ISO) (4.90.3000) Hebrew 481.57MB 1
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Hungarian] (4.90.3000) Hungarian 334.39MB 2
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Italian] (4.90.3000) Italian 332.66MB 4
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Japanese] (4.90.3000) Japanese 212.3MB 10
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Korean] (ISO) (4.90.3000) Korean 180.19MB 3
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Polish] (OEM) (ISO) (4.90.3000) Polish 333.4MB 2
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Portuguese-Brazil] (OEM) (ISO) (4.90.3000) Portuguese-Brazil 346.63MB 5
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Portuguese] (4.90.3000) Portuguese 333.15MB 1
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Slovenian] (NFR) (4.90.3000) (NFR) Slovenian 331.69MB 1
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Spanish] (OEM) (ISO) (4.90.3000) (OEM) Spanish 354.81MB 10
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Swedish] (4.90.3000) Swedish 461.96MB 1
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Trad. Chinese] (4.90.3000) Trad. Chinese 191.9MB 13
Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Turkish] (Retail Full) (4.90.3000) (Retail Full) Turkish 332.62MB 4
Microsoft Windows Me [VMware VM] (4.90.3000) [VMware VM] English 467.69MB 22


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