Visual C++ 1.x

Visual C++ is a greatly enhanced and re-branded version of Microsoft C/C++. The Visual C++ line is primarily aimed at Windows development on 386 CPUs. 5.0 and later were bundled as a part of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Release notes

The 1.x releases are the only releases of Visual C++ that are capable of running on a 16-bit version of Windows.

It Visual C++ was preceded by Microsoft Quick C for Windows.

This version adds 386 code generation support, and 16-bit version uses the DOSXNT DOS extender. Drops QuickHelp and Programmer's Workbench for DOS.

Available in two editions:

Standard, marketed as a Windows replacement for QuickC.

Professional, marketed as a replacement for C/C++ 7.0. Included the ability to build both DOS and Windows applications, an optimizing compiler, a source profiler, the Windows 3.1 SDK. and the Phar Lap 286 DOS Extender Lite.

A 32-bit native version of 1.0 was released some time later.

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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 Professional (3.5-1.44mb) 1.0 Professional English 22.65MB 2
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 Standard (3.5-1.44mb) 1.0 Standard English 16.38MB 1
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 for NT (ISO) 1.0 for NT English 33.79MB 1
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 Professional (ISO) 1.5 Professional English 49.35MB 3
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.51 [Japanese] (Archive) 1.51 Japanese 174.09MB 0
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52c (ISO) 1.52c English 46.35MB 5


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