UCSD p-System II

The UCSD p-System is a highly portable operating system. It uses the Pascal programming language, and all applications are compiled to interpreted bytecode. This means an application written for the p-System should run on any p-System platform, regardless of the CPU and architecture. However, depending on the use, it could be quite slow.

A number of commercial applications were written for the UCSD p-System, but it lost its portability advantage as the industry standardized on the x86 IBM PC architecture.

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SofTech Microsystems
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
UCSD p-System (bios v1.2) for NEC APC (8-inch) (bios v1.2) for NEC APC English 1.8MB 0
UCSD p-System for DEC Rainbow (400k SSDD 5.25) for DEC Rainbow English 383.44KB 0
UCSD p-System for Heath H-8 and H89 (Hard Sector 5.25) for Heath H-8 and H89 English 215.72KB 0
UCSD p-System for Heath HZ89 90 and H37 H17 controllers (5.25) for Heath HZ89 90 and H37 H17 controller English 210.92KB 0
UCSD p-System for TI Professional Computer (5.25-320k) for TI Professional Computer English 254.72KB 0
UCSD p-System for TI-99/4A and Manuals (5.25) for TI-99/4A English 64.61MB 0
UCSD p-System for TI-994A (5.25-SSSD) (alt disk set) English 193.1KB 0


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