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The Sound Blaster is a series of sound cards from Create Labs. For a time, the Sound Blaster was considered a de-facto standard for DOS based gaming. Initially it competed against the uncommon IBM Music Feature card, and the Adlib cards. The original sound blaster provided 8-bit mono digital sound in addition to Adlib-compatible FM music synthesis and stereo CMS Game Blaster compatible square-wave music. Most DOS games work best with the earlier ISA cards. Later PCI cards use completely different hardware and only provide Sound Blaster compatiblity through software emulation.

The downloads below contain driver disk images for the Creative Labs Sound Blaster series cards.


Release notes

Driver disk images for the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro audio card.

Product type
Creative Labs
Release date
User interface
DOS Windows
Download count
50 (7 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Sound Blaster Pro 2 Drivers (2-19-1992) (5.25-360k) (3.5-720k) 2-19-1992 English 1.43MB 1
Sound Blaster Pro 2 Drivers (8-6-1992) (3.5-1.44mb) 8-6-1992 English 1.54MB 3
Sound Blaster Pro Drivers (9-8-1993) (3.5) 9-8-1993 English 2.2MB 3


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