Quadram Quadcolor 1984

These are the manuals and installation program required to use the extended modes on a Quadram Quadcolor I and II board.

The Quadram Quadcolor I, produced by Quadram Corporation of Norcross, Georgia, is a CGA compatible ISA video card for IBM PCs and clones that provides enhanced capabilities over that of IBM CGA.

The Quadcolor II is an expansion board for the Quadcolor I.

Release notes

"With Quadcolor II you are able to put 136 different colors on the screen at once in medium resolution mode (320 x 200) and up to 16 different colors at once in high resolution mode (640 x 200). Quadcolor II comes with complete software to enhance IBM BASICA so that the common graphics commands adapt to the wider parameters offered by Quadcolor II. Quadcolor II also contains an IBM compatible game port for your use."

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Quadram Corporation
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