OS/2 3.x 3.0 PowerPC Edition

OS/2 3.0, marketed under the name "OS/2 Warp", reduced memory usage over OS/2 2.x and included Internet access software. The "Connect" version includes Ethernet networking and peer-to-peer file sharing. The "Blue Spine" editions bundle the Windows 3.1 files so no additional software is needed to use the Win-OS/2 subsystem. It was followed up by OS/2 Warp 4.

Release notes

This is a copy of the rare OS/2 Warp PowerPC Edition. It was a short lived port of the IBM OS/2 operating system to the PowerPC CPU architecture. The product was only available to a limited number of IBM customers and was never actively marketed.

Installation instructions

Important: This software will not run on x86 hardware or emulators, or on Macintosh hardware. It only runs on a very small handful of rare IBM PowerPC based systems.

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