Microsoft Windows Boot Disk 98 SE

These disks are original boot floppy disk media for use with Microsoft Windows CD-ROMs. Not all Windows 9x/ME CDs are bootable, not all CDs included boot disks, and DOS will not see a CD-ROM drive unless a driver is loaded. OEMs were expected to provide compatible CD-ROM with the boot media provided with their systems. However towards the very late 90s, most vendors standardized on IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM hardware and the use of the OEM Adaption Kit (OAK) driver. If your CD drive is not IDE compatible (such as an MKE or Panasonic interface) you must manually add your own driver. Note: you can use the Windows 98 boot disk with Windows 95 to make things easier. If you have any UNTOUCHED OEM boot disks with different drivers, please submit them.

Release notes

Boots using "MS-DOS 7.1"

This also works with 95 OSR2.x and 98FE.

You can also use it with 95 RTM if you don't use FAT32, and tell scandisk to continue after it gives an error.

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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition - Boot Disk (3.5-1.44mb) 98 Second Edition English 658.49KB 185
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition - Boot Disk [Dutch] (3.5-1.44mb) 98 Second Edition Dutch 1.07MB 3


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