Microsoft Programmers Library 1.3

Programmer's Library is a comprehensive collection of the most useful reference information available for programmers in MS-DOS and OS/2 environments. With Programmer's Library you can instantly get authoritative information about programming from books, manuals, and sample code in the following categories: Microsoft OS/2 References, Microsoft Windows References, MS-DOS References, Microsoft Network References, Microsoft Systems Journal, Hardware References, Microsoft C Language References, Microsoft Macro Assembler References, Microsoft BASIC Language References, Microsoft Pascal Language References, Microsoft FORTRAN Language References

In addition, the Microsoft Programmer's Library CD-ROM contains valuable programs, data, and sample code files

This uses the same DOS based library program as Microsoft Bookshelf 1991 for DOS.

Wanted: Microsoft Programmer's Library 1.0 - contains Windows 2.0 documentation

Version 1.3 contains Microsoft Windows 3.0 programming documentation.

Important: This is a very early CD-ROM disk, and as such is not in a standard format and will not open in many ISO utilities. Burn it to a CD and DOS or Windows 9x should recognize it.

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Microsoft Programmers Library 1.3 (March 1991) (ISO) 1.3 (March 1991) English x86 CD 294.76MB


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