Microsoft Pascal 2.x

The Microsoft Pascal Compiler is Microsoft's implementation of the ISO Pascal language for DOS, Xenix, and OS/2. It was among Microsoft's early language products provided for DOS. It was superseded by Microsoft QuickPascal. The Microsoft Pascal Compiler was licensed to IBM, who sold it as the IBM Pascal Compiler.

Release notes

This archive contains two disk images in ImageDisk format. The images are for 256 KB 8-inch Single Sided, Single Density floppy disk media (77 tracks, 1 head, 26 sectors per track, 128 bytes per sector FM)

Important: This disk is NOT for IBM PC compatible hardware or IBM PC emulators.

MS - PASCAL - 86 Version 2.0 - 12/23/81 Disk 1

Serial #P26 Copyright 1981 by Microsoft, Inc

MS - PASCAL - 86 Version 2.0 - 12/23/81 Disk 2

Serial #P26 Copyright 1981 by Microsoft, Inc

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Product type
Release date
Tue Jan 05 1982
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
6 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft Pascal Compiler 2.00 [SCP OEM] (8 inch SSSD) 2.00 [SCP OEM] English 382.23KB 0
Microsoft Pascal Compiler 2.05 Update [SCP OEM] (8 inch SSSD) 2.05 Update [SCP OEM] English 190.16KB 0


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