Microsoft OS/2 SDK 1.00-1.01

The Microsoft OS/2 SDK includes pre-release builds of OS/2, beta development tools, sample code, and loads of documentation. These were released prior to the OS/2 1.0 and 1.1 releases. Microsoft charged $3,000 in 1987 for the SDK. It was criticized as overpriced, buggy, and slow.

These were superseded by the smaller and less expensive Microsoft OS/2 Programmer's Toolkit

Much more information can be found here: OS/2 Museum, OS/2 Beginnings


Release notes

May 1987 - SDK 1.00

1.00 includes a pre-release build of OS/2, Microsoft MASM and C 4.50 betas, and documentation for OS/2, Microsoft C, MASM, and OS/2 programming.

The SDK also included (available here as a separate download) the Microsoft Windows 1.04 SDK, Windows 1.04, programming libraries, and Microsoft C 4.0. Allegedly this was just to give developers an idea of how the OS/2 Presentation Manager would work.

Wanted: Microsoft OS/2 SDK 1.00 Program Disk.

August 1987 - SDK 1.01

1.01 consists of a single disk update, the OS/2 program disk, to the 1.00 set. 1.01 is only a minor change that adds a program selector. 1.01 also added pre-release documentation for "Windows Presentation Manager", although the software was not included until SDK 1.03.

The 1.01 archive here contains the 1.01 program disk, as well as the May 1987 SDK 1.00 disks, but it is missing the 1.00 program disk (probably disk 1), and apparently another disk (disk 2, but it is not clear what should be on that disk).

Wanted: Microsoft also released the Microsoft OS/2 DDK 1.00 at about the same time.

Manuals can be found on

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Microsoft OS2 SDK 1.01 (Aug 1987) (5.25-1.2mb) 1.01 (Aug 1987) English 3.93MB 0
Microsoft OS2 SDK 1.0x DDK Manuals (1987 Pre-Release) 1.0x DDK English 12.45MB 0
Microsoft OS2 SDK 1.0x Windows Presentation Manager Manual (1987) 1.0x SDK English 18.8MB 0


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