LANLink 2.x

LANLink is a low cost networking program that is optimized for, and exclusively uses, common serial and parallel port connections. It features faster file transfer than other serial/parallel transfer programs, is easy to set up, and enables direct file and printer access.

Programs like LapLink or MS-DOS INTERLNK only copy files between computers. However, because LANLink acts as a LAN redirector, you can run programs directly from another computer or edit files without having to move them back and forth. It competed with other LAN products that could use serial or parallel port connections, such as Lantastic-Z. Because it does not need to support a generalized network interface card interface or protocol, it uses a minimal amount of RAM.

The full LANLink product can support many clients from one server using a multi-port serial card.

Installation instructions

This "Laptop" edition is limited to one client and one server. The box includes 3.5" disk, 5.25" disk, and a special parallel-to-parallel connection cable.

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LANLink Laptop 2.20 (1990) (5.25-360k) (3.5-720k) Laptop 2.20 English 15.29MB 0


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