IBM OS/2 LAN Server 1.x

IBM LAN Server is a powerful print and file server system with many advanced features for the OS/2 operating system. It supports both OS/2 and DOS clients. It was a close cousin to Microsoft LAN Manager, which became a core component of Windows NT.

Release notes

IBM OS/2 LAN Server 1.2 extends the capabilities of IBM Token-Ring, IBM PC Network or Ethernet attached workstations. It offers powerful resource sharing for disks, files, printers, serially attached devices and programs, and takes advantage of IBM's OS/2 Extend Edition. It includes facilities for defining and managing access to these shared resources while allowing login form the OS/2 Extended Edition Version 1.2. Requester and the new included DOS LAN Requester can share its resources with properly authorized OS/2 OS/2 Extended Edition Version 1.1 and DOS PC LAN Program Version 1.3 Requesters.

Installation instructions

Requires 3.5MB of memory minimum 30 MB Fixed disk minimum Requires IBM OS/2 Extended Edition Version 1.2 with IBM Token-Ring Network, IBM PC Network, or Ethernet. DOS LAN Requester and LAN Support Programs Require DOS 3.3 or 4.0.

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