Concurrent CPM-86 3.x

Concurrent CPM-86 is a multitasking version of CP/M that evolved from Digital Researches' earlier multitasking MP/M product. A seperate add-on was available for 3.1 that added DOS compatiblity. This was integrated in to the product and it was renamed to Concurrent DOS.

Release notes

I think the IBM PC boot disk can be used with the Starlink OEM version below for a complete system.

The Starlink OEM version below is for the IBM PC but otherwise requires a special Starlink 4-port communications card.

Product type
Digital Research
Release date
User interface
Download count
7 (5 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Concurrent CPM-86 3.1 Manuals 3.1 English 17.68MB 1
Concurrent CPM-86 3.1 Source 3.1 English 788.09KB 0
Concurrent CPM-86 3.1 [CompuPro Concurrent CPM 8-16] (8-inch SSSD) 3.1 [CompuPro 8-16] English 302.62KB 0
Concurrent CPM-86 3.1 [IBM PC XT] (5.25-320k) (Incomplete) 3.1 [IBM PC XT] English 75.8KB 2
Concurrent CPM-86 3.1 [Starlink] (5.25-320k) 3.1 [Starlink] English 328.45KB 2


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