Banyan VINES 5.x

First released in 1984, Banyan VINES (Virtual Integrated NEtwork Service) was a network operating system originally designed for Unix, initially based on Xerox XNS. It was considered fairly lightweight both on clients and servers and used minimal bandwidth. It featured an early directory services system prior to either Novel or Microsoft.

Banyan VINES was used heavily by government agencies and large, widely distributed companies.

It competed against Novell NetWare, and Microsoft LAN Manager. Like NetWare, it's use dried up as Windows NT began to dominate the market.

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Installation instructions

This contains its own operating system, and is installed by booting the installation disk.

Important: These disks are not formatted for MS-DOS and therefore WinImage will not open them.

Important: This software is copy protected. It used a hardware dongle copy protection system, and no unprotect is known to exist.

Product type
Banyan Systems Inc.
Release date
User interface
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2 (0 for release)


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Banyan VINES 5.0 (1992) (5.25-1.2mb) 5.0 English 55.69MB 0


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