86-DOS is a "quick and dirty" operating system clone of CP/M created by Seattle Computer Products for their 8086 S-100 systems. It was later bought by Microsoft and used as the basis for IBM PC-DOS and MS-DOS

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This is the "1.00" release of Seattle Computer Products 86-DOS, on which PC/MS-DOS was based. It is specifically for the 8086 SCP S-100 system with Cromemco 4FDC disk controller.

It includes a Z80 to 8086 translator for porting CP/M application.

This archive contains a bootable disk image in ImageDisk format. The images are for 256 KB 8-inch Single Sided, Single Density floppy disk media (77 tracks, 1 head, 26 sectors per track, 128 bytes per sector FM)

Important: This disk is NOT for IBM PC compatible hardware or IBM PC emulators.

For your convenience, an emulator is included, which emulates the appropriate 8086 CPU and FDC cards.

Start the emulator with the configuration file, then press enter several times to get to the monitor, then enter uppercase "B" to boot DOS.

Source: http://www.schorn.ch/altair_5.php


Category: Operating System
Platform: DOS
Release: 1981-04-29
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: 32 KB
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: 8086
Type: Console (Text)



Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
86-DOS 1.0 (4-30-1981) [SCP OEM] (8 inch) [SCP S-100]  1.00 660.78 KB English x86 File Archive