Xenix was the variant of UNIX originally published by Microsoft, later sold to SCO. It added a variety of technical enhancements over System V Unix, including a menu-driven business shell. It was ported to many different platforms from a PDP-11 including the Altos 8600 (First x86 port), IBM PC, Intel System 86, TRS-80 Model 16, SCP Gazelle II, and Apple Lisa.

Software products include the Xenix Software Development System.

Wanted: IBM PC Xenix (IBM OEM)

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This version of Xenix was sold by Tandy for their Tandy 16/Tandy 6000 series computers. These use the Motorola 68K CPU.


Category: Operating System
Platform: Unix
Release: 1985
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: m68k
Type: Console (Text)


Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
Tandy 68000 XENIX 3.0 Development System [Tandy 16-6000]  3.0 [Tandy 16-6000] 1.59 MB English m68k File Archive
Tandy 68000 XENIX 3.2 (Upgrade) [Tandy 16-6000]  3.2 (Upgrade) [Tandy 16-6000] 996.5 KB English m68k File Archive
Tandy 68000 XENIX Manuals [Tandy 16-6000]  [Tandy 16-6000] 68.84 MB English m68k File Archive