Multitasking "MS-DOS 4.00" is the once hyped future of DOS, that Microsoft shelved in favor of OS/2 and IBM's regular DOS 4.0x.

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This is the multitasking version of MS-DOS that Microsoft originally planned to release as MS-DOS 4. It was a parallel project to DOS, never released to the regular consumer market, and Microsoft backtracked to base its next consumer release off of DOS 3.3.

Note that although it calls itself "MS-DOS Version 4.00", it is a different product than the MS-DOS 4 that actually shipped.



Category: Operating System
Platform: DOS
Release: 1985
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: Unknown
Type: Console (Text)


Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
Multitasking MS-DOS Version 4.00 (5.25)  4.00 187.78 KB English x86 5.25" Floppy