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WinWorld is an online museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of abandonware and pre-release software, as well as any and all knowledge associated with such works. We offer information, media and downloads for a wide variety of computers and operating systems. Our collection includes abandonware operating systems (like Windows 3.1 or 95), beta operating systems (like Chicago, Whistler, and Longhorn), abandonware applications (like AfterDark, the epic screensaver software we all grew up with) and more.

We offer all of our content free of charge to any interested party. Whether you're doing looking to go down memory lane and re-visit Windows 3.1, do some research on computing history, or repurpose an old system that can't run the latest and greatest, WinWorld is here to help by providing unrestricted access to our entire library at no charge. We do not accept donations, just download and enjoy. WinWorld provides you with large amounts of downloads and high quality information that BetaArchive FTP and Vetusware can't compare with! Get Windows Abandonware, Games, Macintosh old software and more from our software library right here at WinWorld!

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Friendly Reminder

NO! No Windows XP!

In order for a piece of software to be abandonware, it must, as a general guideline:

  • Be over 7 years old.
  • Be out of support by the manufacturer.
  • Be mostly out of use by the general populace (abandoned)

The Windows XP marketshare as of May 2015 is ~19%. This is higher than Windows 8 and 8.1 combined. As a result, we are not offering Windows XP downloads. Please do not ask.

Latest Announcements

Outage Explination

Posted by: stitch

I have just restored all services. I was traveling to the OC and two days into the trip the hypervisor had a panic. A reboot was issued although the VM's failed to auto-start as an internal network interface was missing the presence of dnsmasq. I did not have anything but my iPhone with me and hypervisor access is via private network only. I will be placing domain admin and VPN access with a close friend as well as reviewing configurations, fixing them and doing a test reboot at some point to ensure this can not be such catastrophe going forward.

Software Spotlight: Microsoft Multiplan

Posted by: SomeGuy

Introduced in 1982, Multiplan was Microsoft's initial entry in to the microcomputer spreadsheet market. Feature-wise Multiplan 1.0 was comparable to VisiCalc, the leader at the time, and Sorcim SuperCalc. Read More on WinBoards...

Mirror 2 Maintenance

Posted by: SomeGuy

I've been informed that there will be some maintenance on Mirror 2, and it will need to be off-line for a few days. Read More on WinBoards...

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