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WinWorld is an online museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of vintage, abandoned, and pre-release software, as well as any and all knowledge associated with such works. We offer information, media and downloads for a wide variety of computers and operating systems. Our collection includes abandonware operating systems (like Windows 3.1 or 95), beta operating systems (like Chicago, Whistler, and Longhorn), abandonware applications (like AfterDark, the epic screensaver software we all grew up with) and more.

We offer all of our content free of charge to any interested party. Whether you're doing looking to go down memory lane and re-visit Windows 3.1, do some research on computing history, or repurpose an old system that can't run the latest and greatest, WinWorld is here to help by providing unrestricted access to our entire library at no charge. We do not accept donations, just download and enjoy. WinWorld provides you with large amounts of downloads and high quality information that other sites can't compare with! Get Windows Abandonware, Games, Macintosh old software and more from our software library right here at WinWorld!

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Friendly Reminder

NO! No Windows XP!

Microsoft has asserted their copyright status regarding Windows XP. WinWorld respects this and therefore will not host Windows XP.

Microsoft still supports various incarnations of this software, and its availability competes with newer Windows product sales. Windows XP is not rare or in danger of disappearing, and therefore has no real place on WinWorld anyway.

Anyone who can not comprehend this and requests Windows XP or later will be immediately banned.

Latest Announcements

Software spotlight: The ports of Lotus 1-2-3

Posted by: SomeGuy

[url=https://winworldpc.com/product/lotus-1-2-3/1x:2ei0iou8]Lotus 1-2-3[/url:2ei0iou8] was the killer spreadsheet application of the 1980s. It conquered the earlier [url=https://winworldpc.com/product/visicalc:2ei0iou8]VisiCalc[/url:2ei0iou8] and continued dominance in until [url=https://winworldpc.com/product/microsoft-excel/:2ei0iou8]Microsoft Excel.[/url:2ei0iou8] Read More on WinBoards...

Some Community Expansion

Posted by: stitch

In an effort to expand our "on-topic" discussions to have a wider appeal, and replicate some of the good things to have come from our historical Random Crap board, I have introduced two new forums: Coding, Scripting and Design, and Video Games. These are forums open to all members and if you are still in Newly Registered users, the staff review system is in effect there. Read More on WinBoards...

Software Spotlight: Microsoft Word X1.06 Beta

Posted by: SomeGuy

I present another very early release of Microsoft Word for DOS: "Beta Test Version X1.06". The files on this version are dated September 7, 1983. Despite the higher version number, this predates the October 1983 release of Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS. Presumably the version number was reset for the offical release. Read More on WinBoards...