Software Library

We are happy to be able to provide you with free access to one of the largest collections of abandonware and pre-release software online. For redundancy and speed, we provide access to both our entire collection on the primary library mirrors as well as smaller, more specific mirrors.

All software in our collection is archived in the 7z format using 7-Zip 9 for optimal compression. 7-Zip is a free, open-source archival utility, and we recommend using it for extracting any files downloaded from our software library.

Some archives, particularly applications containing PC floppy images, will be in a raw image format (.img). On Windows, WinImage, or rawrite32 can be used to extract contents or write images to physical floppies. On *nix systems (including Mac OS X) you can mount images, and write images to disk using commands similar to the ones below.

$ dd if=/path/to/disk.img of=/dev/fd0 dd bs=2x80x18b # Writes floppy image to Linux first floppy
$ mount -t loop /path/to/disk.img /mnt/floppy # Mounts disk image into folder /mnt/floppy
$ mount -t loop -o ro /path/to/disk.img /mnt/floppy # Mounts disk image into folder /mnt/floppy in read only mode.

Disclaimer: Please note that all our downloads are provided free of charge, and come with no guarantees or warranties of any kind. While we will do our best to assist when possible on the forums, we cannot be held liable for any difficulties you may encounter as a result of using this site or the software contained herein.

Library Mirrors

Our primary library mirrors contain our entire software collection. In most cases, you should probably use one of these.

  Mirror Location
Server Offline Library Mirror One (OFFLINE) France France
Server Online Library Mirror Two (LIMITED) NYC, US New York, US

Other Resources

Some software in our collection may not have serial numbers enclosed. You can find serials in our Serials thread on the forums, or on a third party site - use Google. If you need some help with software downloaded from our site, visit the forums.

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