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Our official email address is admin AT winboards DOT net, please read the directions below before emailing us if you don't want to help wear out our delete keys.

We ask you sign and encrypt any important communication with our public PGP key, available by clicking here. Please be sure to enclose your public key if you want us to reply in kind. If you don't know how to use PGP, you probably don't need to worry about using it to contact us.

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General Inquiries & Technical Support

If you're having difficulties with our website or downloads from our software library, visit our forums, WinBoards. While we are more than happy to help when possible, emails sent to us asking questions that should be posted on the forum will be deleted without response, so just save your time and ours - go to the forums!

Anything else, send us an email to the address above and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Copyright Holders

Before you contact us regarding removal of a software title, please take the time to read about our purpose on the About page. Also keep in mind the criteria for software being included in our collection is that the title in question be a minimum of 7 years old, and no longer sold or supported by the original publisher or a licensed distributor.

If you still desire for a software title you hold the copyright for to be removed from our archive, please send an email to the address given above. In this email, we request that you identify who you are, if you are acting as a proxy for a copyright holder, the exact files that you desire to have removed, and any helpful contact information, including phone numbers, reply-to email addresses, and your PGP public key - if applicable.

Library Mirrors

We are always in need of mirrors at WinWorld. By increasing our number of mirrors, we reduce the risk of downloads being inaccessible due to unforeseen server outages. If you are interested in providing a mirror for our software library, contact us by filling out the form provided below. When you generously choose to provide a mirror for WinWorld you have two options:

1. Host a complete mirror of our software library, approximately 125GB, and become a primary library server. This entails significant bandwidth consumption, roughly one to three terabytes per month.

2. Host a smaller, more specific collection. This can be specifically prepared based on how much space you are willing provide, any bandwidth limitations or other constraints.

While we appreciate any interest in hosting a mirror for us, shared hosting or home servers will not be considered, unless in the case of a home server it is on a fiber optic line (eg. FiOS), and will only used for a small collection similar to the existing "JumboFiles DOS, Windows & OS2 Collection".

Please include any details regarding the above or any other comments in the provided message box.

Click here to fill out the form.